About us

Birch Moon press is run by six women with a shared passion for creativity and for supporting women’s voices in an increasingly noisy world. We are a not-for-profit press, donating to charities whose values align with our own.

Why Birch Moon?

The Birch Moon is the first month in the Celtic calendar running from December 24th – just after the winter solstice – to January 20th. It is a time of new beginnings, of re-birth and regeneration, of planning for the future and embracing new potentials and opportunities.

Our press was conceived early in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. As a project it quickly became a powerful source of positivity for us – something creative to focus on during what was a very difficult time. As we explored what we might achieve, we began to see our publications, present and future, as something good that could arise from the pain and grief of the pandemic. Our press was that new beginning, that possibility, that opportunity that the birch moon traditionally represents. And so Birch Moon Press it became.

Who are we?

The founders of Birch Moon Press on a Zoom call during lockdown – such calls were how we dreamt up and planned our press.

Nikki Young

Nikki is a freelance writer, author and editor. She lives in Kent with her husband, three children, a crazy Boston Terrier dog and a needy rescue cat and is the author of ‘The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants’, ‘Time School: We Will Remember Them’ and ‘Time School: We Will Honour Them’. In addition to writing middle grade and young adult fiction, Nikki runs Storymakers, a creative writing club that provides weekly groups, holiday workshops and 1:1 tuition for children aged seven and above. Check out Nikki’s books and blog and follow her social channels Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Maddy Bennett

Maddy is an artist, writer and mum of three boys. She lives on a windy hillside in Northumberland where she creates drawings and linocuts for various people and projects – including her greetings card business, Helena Handcart – and pens occasional poems and short stories. She can often be found reading, wandering down country lanes and wondering who ate all the crisps. You can Browse Maddy’s portfolio on her website and follow her social channels Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Sophie Lovett

Sophie is a mother, writer, teacher and activist currently living in Devon where she home educates her two boys. As well as writing fiction, Sophie blogs about alternative approaches to parenting and education at www.raisingrevolutionaries.co.uk and is currently working on a book of the same title. When she’s not doing any of this she is most likely to be found swimming in the sea and dreaming of the better world we all know is possible. You can connect with Sophie on Instagram @raising_revolutionaries or Twitter @SophieBLovett.

Chrissie Metcalf

Chrissie is a writer, mother and tech geek from the South coast of the UK. An avid fan of NaNoWriMo, she writes at least one first draft of a novel per year and is working towards making them beautiful enough to be published. 2020 is her second year in the Romantic Novelist’s Association New Writers’ Scheme. When she’s not writing, she’s experimenting with new technology, knitting, and talking about life with mental illness.

Reneé Davis

Reneé lives in London with her husband and three home educated children. She blogs at Mummytries.com about their roller coaster life and likes to keep things real in a world that is overly curated. Reneé’s autobiographical self-help book – Become the Best You – details her own dysfunctional upbringing and how she turned her life around after mental breakdown and rock bottom. Ultimately, Reneé is doing everything in her power to give her kids a childhood they don’t spend a lifetime having to recover from. She is also a gut health and fermented food advocate. If she isn’t writing or reading, Reneé will probably be in the kitchen, cooking up a storm. You can follow Reneé on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest and YouTube.

Alice Speirs

Alice is a wife, mother and writer. She’s woven her way back to a childhood love of writing from her former career as a nurse. She writes occasional poems and prose but is mainly working on her first novel. When not writing, or child wrangling, she can either be found outside in nature or indoors with a book. You can find her on Instagram @alicespeirswrites

You can find out more about how the six of us met and what inspired us to create our press on our blog.