Heartache and Hope Launch Party

On the 3rd of July 2020, we launched our first publication ‘Heartache and Hope: Voices of a Pandemic’ which is available to buy now. We have chosen to give 100% of the profits from this book to Rosa, a charity supporting women and girls.

The initial idea for the book came while we were on a zoom call, so we thought a celebration over Zoom seemed rather fitting. We also wanted to be able to share the event with our authors who made the book possible, and our supporters, so we found ourselves going out Live on our Facebook page. Here’s a replay if you want to catch up on anything you missed:

During the session, we spoke about the book, how we pulled together such a big project in such a short space of time and looked to the future of the press. We also opened up about the pieces we wrote, why we chose them and the emotions involved in the journey to where we are now.

The session featured our three words competition, where we asked the authors and our social media audience to contribute three of their own words to sum up the lockdown. The winners were announced on our Facebook page and received a free download of the ebook.

We’d like to thank everybody for their contributions and have put them together in the word cloud below.

It appears we are not alone in feeling that lockdown has had a profound effect – both pushing us apart and pulling us closer together.

It definitely has been the strangest of times.

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