How to Download Ebooks Directly to Your Phone or eReader

As you all know, we proudly published our first anthology last week. Heartache and Hope: Voices of a Pandemic was launched, mostly with great success. However, a few people have asked us for specific instructions on how to download ebooks directly to their phones and eReaders, so we thought this blog would be useful. Please get in touch on social media or at if you have any queries.

As a not-for-profit press, downloading Heartache and Hope directly from our website means we avoid third-party distribution fees and can maximise our donation to the wonderful charity Rosa.

How to download ebooks

The following step by step guide is for ePub files which will work on phones and non Kindle eReaders. For Kindles, please follow steps 1-8, then head to Amazon using this link, for their own instructions.

Should you wish to order the paperback for Heartache and Hope, please subscribe below and we will be in touch as soon as it’s available.

Step by step guide for how to download ebooks

Step one: head to the web page selling the book (or click on the image below) and hit the buy button. This will take you to PayPal.

buy heartache and hope

Step two: complete the PayPal form and purchase your book.

Step three: after purchasing your book you will get the following page, asking which file you need. Select “mobi” for kindles and the kindle app or “ePub” for phones and other eReaders.

Step four: once you click on the mobi or ePub link, you will be asked to confirm your download.

Step five: after selecting “download” you will see a little arrow appear in the right-hand corner of your screen to show that the file is being downloaded.

Step six: once the download is complete, you need to retrieve your download wherever your device store its files.

Step seven: go into the “files” app and find the downloads folder.

Step eight: double click on your file which will send it to your books app.

Step nine: open your books app and you’ll find the download in your library.

We hope you enjoy reading our book!

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