Bringing plans to fruition

And then it was September.

I don’t know about you, but after those months in lockdown which seemed to go on forever the summer of relative freedom has flown by!

Here at Birch Moon Press our attention has been split in all sorts of different ways as we’ve each navigated the summer with our families, balancing work and play and self care and all the life admin that never seems to take a break… Progress with Heartache and Hope has suffered a little in the meantime, with snatched conversations about the details of the paperback publication never quite reaching a conclusion.

But as August shifted into September everything started to feel a little bit more possible again, and we should hopefully have the exciting new of a publication date to share very soon…

The paperback proof copy of Heartache and Hope next to a computer keyboard.

We have also enjoyed a magnificent full moon over this past few days – the Vine Moon in the Celtic moon calendar that led us to our name. And just as the symbolism of the Birch Moon captured our excitement for planning for the future and embracing new opportunities this current lunar month holds motivation of a different kind.

Magic must be balanced with action now, so use nature’s last burst of energy, visible in the vibrant fall colors, to inspire you to complete projects that you started earlier in the year.

I have often found with my writing that, against all my best intentions, summer is never quite the productive time I hope it might be – I convince myself that all those hours of daylight should add up to much more time to do stuff, but actually that ‘stuff’ tends to be much more rooted in relaxation and pleasure than in work. And that’s ok. But it does mean, come September, I am more than ready to get back to a more industrious routine.

So it is with the press.

And we have lots still to do – the aforementioned paperback, some formalising of our structure, and all sorts of decisions about what our next projects might be.

Against the backdrop of a world that is still full of uncertainty and unease it feels good to be bedding back into the serious business of making ideas become reality, harnessing that lunar energy to bring our plans to fruition.